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Garage door  Repair la crescenta


One of our specialty at Pristine Garage Doors and Gate Repair La Crescenta, is overhead garage door repair . We provide repair service for garage doors from all kind and brands in La Crescenta. Whether it is a Residential Garage Door Repair in La Crescenta, or an overhead Commercial Garage Door Repair in La Crescenta, we can provide the solution.
We know that sometime, it seems like the garage door picked the worst time to get stuck or stop working. But there is no need to get panic, thanks to our 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Service in La Crescenta, you can be sure that no matter what time or what day, someone will always be there for you, since garage door service is what we do, and we do it with passion.


Garage Door Opener Reapir

Is your garage door opener starting to act up, is your garage door sensors not working and causing your garage to open/close on its own? Than you are probably need maintenance or complete replacement of your garage door opener. There are many brands in today’s market, and it may become difficult to determine as to what kind of opener your garage door may need. We have outlined the type of garage door opener you can have installed on your garage door. Remember, that each garage door opener installed, comes with a new set of garage door sensors, new wires, and a push button on the wall.


Garage Door Off Track Repair

One of the most severe Garage Door Repairs. This happens when the garage door itself removes its attached rollers out of the track where it slides up and down vertical. This can cause many problems, which can lead to broken springs, bent track, structural damage, cracked panels, broken rollers and many more. If you are experiencing an off-track situation, it is recommended that you leave you garage door put, and keep yourself and your kids away from the door, as it may be unstable, and may collapse on you and your possessions.


Garage Door Spring Repair

The Garage Door Spring is the most essential part of the garage door system. It helps to maintain the proper tension for the garage door to open and close efficiently. If you have a broken spring, it is never recommended that you attempt to replace it yourself, as you may cause further damage to the components of the torsion spring system, and in the worst case, yourself. There are two kinds of garage door springs that are on the market, the torsion springs, and the extension springs. Although the extension springs are outdated and are no longer produced, some older models of garage doors may still use them. It is best if you call one of our garage door repair technicians to schedule an appointment to inspect your broken or none functional garage door springs.


Garage Door Cable  Repair

Due to constant movement, cables are susceptible to coming loose or even breaking. We provide many solutions to these problems such as tightening them and adjusting your drums. We also carry heavy-duty aircraft cables if necessary. Your garage door cables are responsible for correct movement. This object is under constant pressure and use. Frequent weather changes, debris, and other older garage door components such as drum rollers, may cause the cables to frail and break. This is a very dangerous situation, which can put you and your valuables at risk. It is best to call PEISTINE garage door repair so one of our technicians can inspect and repair your cables.


Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage Door Rollers are essential for operating the up-and-down movement of the garage door. These rollers are attached on each side of the door, which are placed inside the track. Many problems may occur when these rollers are not maintained, or when the track is having issues of being miss-aligned or filled with debris. Rollers may become rusted over time, or become bent because of human error. It is best to call our garage door repair staff to inspect the rollers, as they are responsible for functionality of the door. There are many types of rollers out in the market; silicone bearing rollers are the best.


Garage Door Panel Repair

Garage Door Panel Repair – Garage Door Panels are stacked neatly together by multiple hinges, combined to make your garage door appearance. Each garage door is different in size, color, and material. Most panels are either used to create a 16×7 garage door, or 8×7. They come in different colors, and materials such as: Wood, Vinyl, Glass, and Metal. Some of the common damages to a panel may be; hitting garage door with car, weather damage, missing weather strip, cracks and peeling. If you are in a need of a garage door panel replacement, or repair, please contact our garage door repair staff, and we will help you out with your garage door panel repair needs.

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