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swing  gate repair

We repair and replace all parts on a swing gate system at La Crescenta. Our technicians come fully stocked with parts and tools to start the repair and finish the same day, depending on the issue. We guarantee all of our work with a 90 day standard warranty. Some parts may include Life Time warranty, but you should contact us for more information.

Every property, be it a business or a residential complex, requires some level or security from the unauthorized entry of people and animals. Swing gates are a popular choice when it comes to safety, reliability and functionality to a large drive way, as they use very little horizontal space when compared to slide gates. If your property drive way lacks the width but is blessed with the length, than the swing gate is the right choice (if you are looking for a new Swing Gate Installation), as it will swing open from the center without taking any more space than the actual width of the drive way, thus giving you the flexibility to still enjoy the safe access with the limited side clearance. The downside to having swing gates is that you must keep a specified distance between the gate and your vehicle when you enter/exit the property for.

These types of gates, whether it’s a slide or a swing, are often motorized and very rarely maintained due to people’s busy schedules and a lack of knowledge in general maintenance. Neglect for maintenance can lead to problems such as rust, wear and tear, cracks and bends, misalignment, motor issues and more. Let’s not forget human error as well, as no one is perfect and sometimes accidents do happen, and when they do, we are here to help. Swing gates do come with various options, such as photo eyes, keypads, remote access, intercom systems, and therefore labeling every swing gate different, so your personal gate issues may vary.

With 24/7 response time, our team of knowledgeable Swing Gate Repair Technicians are standing by to help you repair or replace your swing gate. Give us a call or fill out our form for more information on how Pristine Garage Door and Gate Repair can help your with your Swing Gate problem.

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