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We repair and replace all parts on a Swing Slide and Overhead gate system. Our technicians come fully stocked with parts and tools on truck to start the repair and finish the same day, depending on the issue. We guarantee all of our work with a 90 day standard warranty. Some parts may include Life Time warranty, but you should contact us for more info.

 As a company that doing Automatic Gates Repair in La Crescenta we provides quality Gate Repair services for

driveway gates that include automatic gate repair, gate opener repair, welding repairs, commercial and residential 

for iron gates, and various access control repairs.

We install and service all types of residential & Commercial Electric Gates and Gate

Openers in La Crescenta including Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, Automatic Driveway Gates,
Gate Openers, Solar Gate Openers, Remote Controls, Vehicle Sensors,

Loops & Loop Detectors, Security Gates, Vehicle Tag Readers,
and Apartment and Subdivision Access Controls in La Crescenta


Safety Loops are used by swing, slide and sometimes overhead gates. These loops are installed underground, 3-5 feet before the opening, both on the entrance and exit parts of the gate. They are installed as preventative system to avoid accidents during the gate operational period. These loops are connected through a loop detector which is usually built in to the opener itself. Although the wires are virtually indestructible once correctly placed in to the ground, they can still be damaged throughout the years by natural events such as earthquakes, sinkholes, mudslides, and human error. Also, independent loop detectors may also become faulty as they are electronic. Give Pristine Garage Door Repair and Gate a call for more information about Safety Loop Gate Repair and installation.


Gate V Tracks are used specifically by slide gates. There are a couple of options available when it comes to new installations. The “V Shaped” track which is installed onto the concrete below the gate comes complimentary with the “V-Wheel” and considered the standard everyday type of track; it can also be used inverted depending on the gate. There are variations of the “V Shaped” track such as rounded shaped, deepened grooves, steel/aluminum materials, which is determined by the purpose, weather and location of the slide gate. These tracks can become damaged overtime as they endure constant pressure from moving vehicles. The usual problems are; bend tracks, rusted bolts, and loose tracks due to cracked/broken concrete. 


Photo Eyes – These type of sensors are essential parts of the gate operator security, and responsible for prevention of collisions. They are usually installed on each end of the opening, forming an invisible line, if crossed during an opening/closing of the gate it will automatically cause the gate to stop its current operation and prevent any type of collision with the object. Most are weather proof and generally last 5-8 years. There are many variations of the sensor eyes, as each manufacturer has their own style and functionality, you can call us to find out more information or simply click on Gate Sensor Repair 

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